What to Look for in an Event Space: Corporate Christmas Parties

Stuck organising the office Christmas party this year? Worried about what to do? Where to host it? Well don’t worry, because we have the answers. Corporate Christmas parties should be fun and entertaining enough to get people up off the feet and into the mood to celebrate. The best way to do this is with a perfect event space. Look for something that has room to dance, serving spaces for delicious food, ample bar areas and of course access to transport at the end of the night. Use this list as your get out of jail free card and throw the best Christmas party that your office has ever seen.

Room for Santa’s sleigh

A corporate Christmas party needs plenty of room for movement, especially if there’s dancing involved. We recommend booking a venue that has an amazing dance floor and great music to match. Why? Because everyone loves getting physical and there’s nothing else like it for blowing off steam and having fun on a night out. Look for a premier function space that has professional DJ’s who know how to get the party started and you corporate Christmas event will be off to a great start.

Room for Santa’s food

Santa is known to get hungry, and so will your guests. While tradition states to leave some milk and cookies out, we’d recommend aiming a little bit higher and going for something that speaks to the occasion. Speak with experienced event planners about what serving stations are available and whether or not they can handle a lot of traffic. Also be sure to play a part in designing the menu so that you can keep everyone satisfied on the night. A good Christmas party venue should always have ample room for guests to refuel whenever they see fit.  

Room for Santa’s drinks

Keep everyone well hydrated or at least well and truly satisfied. Never skimp on the alcohol and be sure to find a space that has a well-stocked bar with plenty of staff on hand. There’s nothing worse than waiting in line for a drink, especially when the person in front of you has ordered the most flamboyant and time consuming option possible, so be sure to cover your bases and go with a venue that knows what they are doing, and how to cater for a large crowd.  

Keep the North Pole in sight

Corporate Christmas parties should go off with a bang, but it’s also important to make sure that people can get home afterwards. That’s why it’s worth looking for a function space that is accessible via public transport or is Uber and taxi friendly. Remember, your guests are meant to stumble home after a fun night out, not run a half marathon.  

Melbourne’s premier event spaces

Choosing the right venue can make or break your corporate Christmas party. From dancefloors to food lists, drinks menus and more, you simply need to have the best to leave a lasting impression. Baroq House is one of Melbourne’s most sort after late night venues and offers guests an unrivalled hospitality experience. Speak to our friendly and professional team about how we can help with your corporate Christmas party and you won’t be disappointed.