Tips to turn your summer event into a scorcher

When the warm weather comes along, so does soiree season!

That’s right, the festivities are about to start, and it’s a busy time for event planners, guests and venues! Luckily, when the warm weather comes around, we start receiving a hell of a lot of invitations. That’s why its imperative that your event stands out… and for all the right reasons.

By planning ahead and including some ‘summer special’ elements to your party, you’re onto a winner. Better yet, you’ll have people coming back for more, whatever the season.

Keep reading for more on how to make your event the talk of the town.

Step up your beverage game

Since it’s summer, you’re going to want to impress with your beverage menu. While you can’t beat a cold glass of sparkling, why not up the ante with interesting drinks that are both instagrammable and delicious? From passion front mojitos and pineapple lychee martinis to delicious gin sours, your summer list needs to cater for warm weather to bring the relaxed, vacation vibes.

Switch it up

Sure, heading to a beautiful venue is fun, but if there’s nothing to do and the atmosphere is non-existent, you’re not going to impress. We recommend creating an experience specially to suit your guests. This means that your guests have to interact with each other, and certainly breaks the ice! From blind gin tasting to group challenges and quizzes, summertime events call for friendly fun and this is exactly that.

Poolside pretty

What’s better than going to a pool party in the summer? Not much! If you’ve got the option, make a real splash in your attendees’ social calendar by hosting your event at an incredible venue with a pool or a scenic outdoor area. Nothing screams Summer soiree like a poolside party! And once the cocktails and canapes start rolling around… well, what a way to make your summer event sizzle.

Keep it chilled

Who says no to an ice cream during Summer? Not us! We’ve spoken before about using catering carts to add a little more character and buzz to your event, and ice cream vans are no different! No need to worry about dietary requirements either – there are a number of brands that offer all kinds of delicious options. From DAIRY FREE ice cream (yep!), to vegan and gluten free, the options are endless.

Want to know more?

Whether you’re hosting a bar mitzvah, a birthday party or even a corporate event, the team of expert event planners at Baroq House have got the expertise and the creativity to turn your event into a summer loving dreamland. All you need to do is get in touch with us to secure your chosen date, and we’ll work with you to make your event a success.

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