The Buck’s Night: How to Send Your Mate Out with a Bang

Okay. Your mate has just coughed up for a wedding ring. His knee is dirty. He’s weeks away from getting hitched.

So how do you send him off into married life with fond memories of what came before? With an awesome buck’s night, of course!

To help you plan the big night, we have done the research and come up with a list of the most important things to include. Read on to discover the secrets to an amazing time.    

Great Food

Let the man eat like a king on his final night of food-freedom and he won’t go home disappointed. Start the night out right with some delicious appetisers to get mouths watering and then bring things home with a truly epic main meal. Think finger food that’s easy to feast on followed by a hearty steak or burger to really hit the spot. The guys will appreciate any extra food when it comes to soaking up the river of alcohol that’s sure to follow.

Great Entertainment

Keep the good times rolling with entertainment that is fun and engaging. Loud music is a must but try to make it appealing to the man in question. Bonus points if you actually ask for his favourite playlist before, but even that might be going above and beyond. Take things to an entertaining new level with a karaoke twist that’s sure to get people up and off their feet. For even more octane, dash out to a dodgem car rink nearby and relieve some of that pent-up groomsmen-anger. Who knows, maybe there was some rivalry for that best man spot?  

Great Drinks

Beer, wine and spirits. That’s the order of operations for a banging buck’s night. Ensure that there are plenty of options available for everyone to enjoy, from craft selections, house favourites and hard-to-find specialties that speak to the occasion. Don’t forget to provide alternative options for the alcohol-free crewmembers too, such as water, soft drinks and fruit juice. Even if it’s not your thing, a few glasses of hydration will go a long way come the morning.

A Great Venue

No buck’s night is complete without a fantastic venue. It needs to be suitably lit, well decked out and comfortable. Consider the style of your event and the friends that will be attending. Is it something wild that needs plenty of room to grow? Or maybe it’s a smaller, more intimate gathering that would benefit from sit down tables and comfy booths? Also be sure to ensure that there is enough room for a bar and eating area. Whatever decision you make, be sure to put the effort into choosing an amazing venue and your night will be a great success.      

The Verdict  Send your best mate off with a bang thanks to these awesome buck’s night tips. Include amazing food, awesome drinks, fun activities and of course a ripper venue when you put together your to-do list. For assistance with your next function, contact Baroq House now and our expert event planners will help you to create the perfect experience.