The best time to host your work Christmas party (hint: it’s not in December)

The end of the year is always the busiest time in our calendars. Between work parties, family gatherings and friendship group reunions – everyone wants to catch up before the New Year. But who said we can’t celebrate after the New Year arrives? December is crazy and diaries are full. So why not host your Christmas party in January? Or even July?! It may be unconventional, but here’s why your guests will enjoy a party during a quieter time of the year.

Celebrate good times

Hosting your work party outside of December means that you can celebrate more than just Christmas. Rather than wrapping up a year, why don’t you bring in the new one? A new year means a fresh start. Who doesn’t love the feeling of optimism and hope that a new year can bring! Let your guests celebrate the beauty of new beginnings by hosting your event in January instead. Or perhaps ‘Christmas in July’ is more your style? Hosting a mid-year event is a great opportunity to pause and celebrate everyone’s accomplishments so far. Your guests will feel appreciated and be ready to hustle for the rest of the year.

Enjoy yourself

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” – or, try the most hectic time of the year! December is full of social events, work deadlines, and last-minute Christmas shopping. Hosting your work party outside of December will be less stressful and more enjoyable for your guests. Your party will also most likely see more attendees, as busy calendars subside once the new year arrives. People will be free to let their hair down and party all night. No need to worry about having one too many drinks before your family’s Christmas brunch!  

Save a Little, splurge a lot 

Have you ever found the perfect venue only to find out it’s fully booked for the Christmas period? Planning your work party after the December rush means no missing out! Exclusive venues become available and are less expensive to hire after December 31st. Your party budget can afford the extra mile, so splash your cash and have fun! Order spectacular flowers and embellish the venue with extra decorations. Treat your guests to delicious canapes and an open bar. Splurging on live entertainment will make your event the party of the (new) year!

Think of others

Christmas is a busy time especially for hospitality employees. Spare a thought for the staff who are organising and running your event – it’s not just your party they have in their calendars. Rather than add to the craziness of December, let others enjoy the holiday season by choosing another month to host your work party. Your guests will also have had some rest and recovery after the Christmas rush, leaving them ready to dance the night away!Let Baroq House host your next work party. Call us today on (03) 8199 3735 and speak to one of our dedicated events planners.