The best ice breakers to use at your next party

Parties are meant to be awesome fun but sometimes getting the crowd in the mood to celebrate can take a bit of work. Apart from delicious food, exciting drinks and a rocking band, you’ll want to ensure that everyone is ready to mingle from the moment they walk in. One way of doing this is with a great ice breaker that helps guests to get to know each other and let their guard down. Check out our top ice breaker ideas below and your event will be a huge success. 

Name tags

While it might seem simple, there’s nothing wrong with bringing out a box of name tags to act as an easy way of introducing yourself to the group. Have fun with bright coloured designs with wacky font and be sure to include plenty of nicknames too if you prefer. With a name tag attached to every shirt, dress and suit, everyone will be primed to party and will remember exactly who they are talking to as the night progresses. 

Get-to-know-you games

Start things off with a bang by getting guests to share a fun fact about themselves. This humble little icebreaker is the perfect way for people to get to know each other in a hurry and will help to create new friendships amongst the pack. Test the collective memory of everyone in attendance by challenging them to retain as many facts as possible and crown the winner with a suitable prize. An icebreaker game that rewards those that put the effort in is always a good idea.   

Cocktail maker

If you’re looking to get the fun started from the outset, then try putting everyone into pairs and have them whip up a bunch of awesome cocktails. This works best when both people have a go-to favourite that’s not too tricky to make and packs plenty of flavour. There’s no need to worry about following complicated recipes or using flamboyant ingredients (unless you want to) because there’ll always be helpful bar staff on hand to help out. Who knows, you might make an amazing new friend and learn how to shake a martini too.  

Favourite song

Encourage everyone in attendance to choose a song for the DJ to play and we guarantee that there’ll soon be plenty to talk about. The best thing about this icebreaker is that everyone can get involved and it gives people a chance to really let loose with their favourite tunes. Be it RnB, Rock, Jazz or anything else, trust us when we say that this idea will definitely get the party started. 

Dance off

Following on from our favourite song icebreaker is the dance off. This wacky game is all about encouraging people to literally shake off their stress and start the fun early. Make sure that there are plenty of speakers around and ample room on the dance floor for everyone to get down for the right beat. Up the ante with prizes for the most impressive and watch the good times unfold.  

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