The Best Entertainment to Book for your Corporate Christmas Party

Top off a productive year at the office by treating your staff to a corporate Christmas party that hits all of the right notes. Always host your event at a fantastic venue that gets people in the mood to celebrate and blow some steam off. Be sure to include live bands, Santa performers, DJ’s and more. We are confident that you will love the ideas that we have come up with and that your colleagues will too. It’s all about celebrating in style with a function that people will remember for years to come. Check out the list and get to work planning your next amazing knockoff party. 

Santa style waiters 

It wouldn’t be a Christmas party without the big man himself. So, be sure to invite him to your special do and the event will be a flying success. Keep in mind that there’s no need to sit on anyone’s lap, so get Santa to serve the squad delicious food and drinks instead. Find out who is on the naughty list and think up an appropriately themed punishment. Maybe they should have to buy a round of drinks for the table or wear a reindeer nose for the rest of the event? Either way, having a real life Santa at your event is a great way to increase the entertainment factor and to get people in the festive mood. 

Live band

Hire a group of music maestros to share their music with the group. There’s nothing more exciting than a live band and it’s a great way to discover some local talent around the city. Everyone will be totally impressed if they get people jumping and feeling a million bucks. Encourage some Christmas style carols with a modern twist and your party will well and truly fit the bill. Bands make a great addition and will be more than appreciated by everyone in attendance.


When the band has packed up, that’s when the DJ should come out. Keep the tunes pumping throughout your corporate Christmas event and the party will never die. That’s our motto at least. Look for a DJ that has the talent to kick any party into overdrive and knows how to please a crowd. You’ll want someone that is vibrant, funky and super fun. Feel free to throw up some song requests that bring the nostalgia factor when it comes to all those classics and more. A great DJ will top off any party and should always be top of mind when it comes to organising the ultimate Christmas experience. 

Premier party packages Put the effort in when it comes to organising quality entertainment but don’t forget to hire an event space that can cater to all of your needs. Santa waiters, live bands and DJ’s will make a great addition to your party but will only work if your chosen venue can handle the fun. That’s why we recommend doing some research and finding a location that has plenty of room, great facilities, serving areas and of course the staff to pull it all together. If you are looking to throw a corporate Christmas party and need help with planning, venue hire, entertainment or anything else, then get in touch with our expert event at Baroq House. We can assist with all of your needs and more.