Sweet Desserts to Top Off a Fun Night Out in Melbourne

Everyone living in Melbourne is spoilt for choice when it comes to dessert options. There’s ice cream, doughnuts, coffee and cake, gelati and much more. We recommend heading out and checking out the scene for yourself if you have a sweet tooth that just won’t take no for an answer. Read on below for our suggestions that are sure to go down a treat and are guaranteed to never disappoint.  


Ice cream. That’s basically all we have to say. Messina is the place to go for quality ice cream that tastes delicious and will leave you buzzing long into the night. Choose from a wide selection of flavours that are both traditional and a little unique. Expect all the classics such as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry plus some wild temptations too. Think smashed up cheesecake, cookies and cream, brownies plus much more. Our pick? Red velvet cake. Messina has stores around Melbourne including Richmond, Windsor and Fitzroy. Just be prepared to line up because their ice cream is so good!

Walker’s Doughnuts 

This awesome doughnut store is located on Elizabeth Street in the CBD and is guaranteed to get your taste buds going. Expect everything and anything from this amazing place that sells the finest doughnuts that you’ll ever eat. There’s an abundance of cinnamon and jam treats plus more adventurous options too. Get naughty with some chocolate and strawberry sprinkles, add a touch of decadence with cream fillings and maybe even go a step further with some crunchy cake pieces too. You can’t go wrong with Walker’s Doughnuts and we know that you will be more than impressed on your Melbourne night out. 


Grab some delicious cake and some wonderful coffee at this upmarket establishment that is sure to tick all the right boxes. Brunetti is a popular destination for Melbournians on a fun night out because it has a great range of wicked desserts and barista made drinks. Grab a piece of mud cake or mint slice and enjoy a quality espresso as you take in the beautiful decor of the shop. Try a scrumptious marshmallow infused hot chocolate and maybe even some cheesecake too. There’s no going wrong at Brunetti and you’ll find locations scattered across the city much to the delight of customers everywhere.   

La Petit Gateau Patisserie

Enjoy French dessert cooking at its finest with these amazing creations. La Petit Gateau Patisserie creates masterpieces everyday and their loyal following can attest to just that. Stop by here on your journey through Melbourne and you will definitely be delighted. Reach for the lemon tart, Hazelnut Mille Feuille and the Banofee and you’ll be off to a good start. Trust that these French experts know a thing or two about whipping up masterful creations and that they’ll never leave you hungry.  

Just because you’ve got your sugar fix doesn’t mean that the fun has to end. Be sure to head off for a night cap (or two) at a great night venue that is sure to leave you feeling amazing. Melbourne is spoilt for choice in more ways than one thanks to its wide selection of premier night spots. At Baroq House you can enjoy classy cocktails and delicious food as you dance and party the night away on the dancefloor. Enjoy lively music and get chatting to new friends as you live it up in Melbourne and take in everything that this great city has to offer. Call our friendly team on 03 8199 3735.