How to Promote an Event on Facebook: The 2020 Guide

If you want to host the hottest event of the year, Facebook is the tool to use to promote in 2020. Take advantage of this online community which will allow you to share your event and incite excitement in your guests. Read on as we reveal why and how you should be promoting your next event over this social media platform in 2020.

Why Use Facebook?

Think of Facebook as your eccentric older aunt at a family gathering. She’s been around for a while, has slightly pointless stories, but you all love her regardless. A decade on and Facebook is still an invaluable platform and marketing tool when it comes to promoting any VIP event. Benefit from the unlimited access to a diverse network of individuals and groups. The secret is to discover an existing community who share a similar passion or interest, and who would be intrigued and excited by your event.

Share in Existing Groups

Found a Facebook group whose members would love to be on the guestlist? Make sure to scroll through previous posts and see whether similar affairs have been shared. Befriend the group’s administrator and explain why their followers would love to attend your event! Give them a reason to share with some sweet motivation; think ‘members only’ access or discounted tickets.

Engage Your Audience

Make your event so seductive that people can’t say no. Once potential guests land on your page, give them an incentive to stay, get excited and click ‘attending’. Our favourite suggestions are creative initial posts and links to share updates on the event. Create polls or post questions to engage your audience and discover what your attendees desire on the day. Tease your guests with what’s to come by posting photos and videos of past or similar events. If any VIPs are attending, reveal an exclusive video of them promoting the event… suddenly your event is the hottest ticket in town.

Things to Consider

As with all forms of social media, content is key when promoting. When creating a Facebook group or event, consider how much time will be required by your team to generate captivating content for your audience. Decide whether your event will be public or remain private to maintain a touch of exclusivity. Will guests’ posts be approved by an administrator and if not, who will be responsible for monitoring undesirable content? Someone will also need to be responsible for responding to guests’ queries and concerns. Whilst definitely a key tool in the events industry, keep in mind that Facebook promotion requires time and dedication from you as the host.

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