How to Pick the Best Event Background Music

Music delights the senses; it creates ambience, sets the mood and is a universal experience enjoyed by all. Selecting the right background music to your event will set the tone for the entire occasion and will replay in your guests’ memories for years to come. 

People remember special occasions by how they made them feel and which songs accompanied those feelings. As host, you want an event that guests will be reliving for years to come. How to decide on that key music though is more complicated than it seems. Read on to discover our best tips for creating that winning playlist for a memorable event. 

Music Sets the Mood

It’s no secret that music can influence people’s moods and emotions. Consider which feelings you want to evoke in your guests. Is the event a special occasion and you want to inspire feelings of excitement and happiness? Upbeat tunes, classic hits or pop favourites are your go-to. A formal occasion? Slower and softer melodies will create an intimate and sophisticated setting. If you want to be creative and impress the crowd, surprise your guests with a live band and soulful singer.

The Purpose of the Event

Consider the purpose and overall theme of the event, and select a genre that complements what you’re trying to convey. Many styles will work: jazz, classical or some cool reggae all make delightful background music. If the event is revolving around a particular organisation or brand, consider which playlists or songs personify the brand itself. Alternatively, celebratory occasions work best with trendy pop tunes that people know and love. Regardless, guests will be hitting the dance floor in no time!

Music Helps the Event Flow

Music can provide your guests with subconscious hints and social cues as to what’s about to occur. If you want guests to mingle and linger a little longer, slower tempos work best. On the contrary, upbeat music is the way to go if you want to create excitement or get people moving! Want to make your guests feel at ease? Welcome them with a touch of soft music as they walk through the doors. A VIP about to make their grand entrance? Hit play on an uplifting tune to encourage applause.

Sometimes Silence is Bliss

Occasionally there will be moments where no music is best. If the event is going to be loud due to the number of attendees or excessive background noise, don’t overload people’s senses by adding dynamic music. It may make the event overwhelming, chaotic and might distract from other main features of the day. Your guests will thank you the morning after when their ears aren’t ringing!

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