Hosting a Sophisticated 50th Birthday Party

While every unique birthday begs the opportunity for celebration, no event is quite so unique (or challenging to prepare for) than one’s 50th birthday.

Wisdom may come with age, but fun is a blessing available to all. So don’t hold back on curating an extravaganza that everyone will enjoy for your 50th birthday party.

But where to begin? To help with planning your function, here are our top 5 must haves to  get your 50th in full swing.

Breathtaking Invites

Set the scene with invitations that not only detail your event but exemplify the sophistication of your soiree. Opt for black paper with gold foil printing for a touch of elegance. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with the classic white backing with a sweeping black cursive font. Whatever the detailing or embossing, be sure to curate your invitation in such a way that class will exude from the card stock.

Finger-foods With Bite

When it comes to food at any event, it’ll either by enjoyable but forgotten, or horrendous and spoken about for years to come. Opt for the former by creating a spread that palatable to both the tongue and the eye. By working with a local catering service you’ll be able to experience a variety of hors d’oeuvres you may never have sampled before. How very exotic and exciting for both you and your guests.

Choose The Right Theme

Please, put away the “CaddyShack” memorabilia and kitschy costumes. Should you be keen to have a masquerade party of any sort, be sure it includes a sophisticated theme such as James Bond or even an Oscars party.

Should you wish to exclude the theme but keep things classy, indicate to your guests that this is a black-tie event. You can then leave any creative detailing for the interior decorating on location, while your guests show up looking absolutely fabulous.

Speaking of which…

Décor That Speaks for Itself

Keen to liven up your venue? Create the perfect atmosphere with décor that perfects the room. Should you be lacking in inspiration, be sure to visit the usual haunts on Pinterest or Vogue living to get decor ideas. You can even work with the staff at your event space of choice to install the perfect furniture and fixtures to achieve the ambience you’re after. Other furniture specialists include DANN Event Hire, whose exceptional portfolio will allow you the opportunity to pick and choose particular items you’d love for your function.

Location, Location, Location

Lastly, be sure you’ve chosen an event location that’s central enough for everyone to travel to. Melbourne City function spaces are always surrounded by transport options and are easy to get to. You’ll also save yourself the trouble of cleaning up after your revellers or organising food and beverage if you’ve selected an event hire location with all those services on hand.

We think we’ll make the perfect fit for your extravagant event at Baroq House. With a team of function fanatics, we’ll curate the perfect party for your 50th. You’ll be able to avoid all the heavy lifting and have a party you’re sure to remember.