Hit the Sweet Spot with Candy-Inspired Cocktails

Like a kid in a candy shop, we’re all over this sweet party theme and we’re pretty sure that you will be too after reading this.

As Fiddy once said “I’ll take you to the candy shop”, and so will we.

Growing up doesn’t stop anyone from loving all things sweet and delicious, which is why this grown-up version of a child’s party will hit the sweet spot for everyone involved.

Who says we have to wait until Halloween rolls around to get dressed up and enjoy a bunch of sugary treats? Not us. So, what do we love more than candy? Cocktails, of course!

Here’s a few of our favourite candy-themed cocktails and beverages for the kid in all of us.  

Disclaimer: you must be 18 and over to enjoy these naughty treats!

1.  Gummy Bear Sangria

The natural fruity flavour of sangria is taken to a whole new level thanks to the sugary love of everyone’s favourite gummy treats. Mix and match the different coloured bears to tip the balance in favour of awesome flavour! The gummy bear sangria is one of our favourites because it’s fun, tasty and provides lots of leftover candy. But be warned, these are highly addictive. 

2. Vodka with Sour Patch Flavouring  

Shake up your traditional vodka mix by adding an infusion of sour patch flavour. It might sound crazy, but it’s definitely worth trying. You can expect an awesome new kick that may or may not turn your mouth inside out. But hey, who said that’s a bad thing? Combine vodka with tonic or lemonade and then stir in the sour goodness. We can’t wait to see your reaction. 

3. Peanut Butter Cup Martini

For something a little more sophisticated, we present the drink of choice for all peanut butter lovers. This delightful concoction marries rich chocolatey flavours with alcohol to satisfy all of your sugar needs. We use chocolate liqueur and peanut rum to perfectly capture this token piece of candy. It’ll definitely be a hit amongst the grownups and leave plenty of room for future sweet-tooth inspired ideas down the track.

4. Mojito Made with Smarties

Get ready for a trip down memory lane with this fine addition to the list. That’s right, we are bringing back smarties in all of their awesome glory. Did you know that adding these humble, chocolatey capsules to a classic mojito will give you an instant sugar upgrade and get you in the mood to party, long into the night? Well, you do now. And the best news is that there’s no turning back. Guests will love a smarties style mojito for the nostalgia factor as much as the great taste. We definitely recommend giving them a try at your next party.     

5. Skittles Vodka

That’s right, we actually went there. Skittles vodka is a thing and we want you to know about it. Choose your favourite flavour and drop them straight in. It doesn’t matter whether it’s straight vodka, a vodka tonic or anything in between. It’s all about tasting the rainbow and basking in an extra sugary treat to satiate your cravings. You won’t regret making this spectacular recipe. 

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