5 Ways to Make your Product Launch Socially Shareable

A product launch is a fun, sociable and strategic way of building hype around your latest products or brand and you might even be able to gain a few sales too.

You know the old saying ‘any publicity is good publicity? Yeah… don’t listen to that. Sure, product awareness is valuable, but negative social media posts could do way more damage than good.

Instead, steal some of these creative ideas that promise to have your guests bragging about that ‘unreal’ event they went to last night. Here’s to making it a memorable one and give all of the no shows severe FOMO.

Art & Media Walls

Corporate events can be tricky, especially when you don’t exactly want them to exude that ‘corporate vibe’. Keep it super creative and commission artwork or even have a mural created for your event. Features like this are the sort of thing that’ll get your guests oohing and aahing for all of their Instagram followers to see.

Dedicated Selfie Areas

Since we’re living in the world of millennials who all LOVE a selfie, photo opps are a must-have at your product launch. Create dedicated photo stations, designed specifically for the ultimate in photo opportunities.  Eye-grabbing props, backdrops and good lighting to keep all those influencers happy, is a part of the fun. A guaranteed way to ramp up the excitement and get  and young professional that love a selfie to create shareable content for you, for free!

360 or 3D Photo Booths

Gotta get those angles guys! Move over standard photo booths, it’s all about 3D and 360 photo booths to capture your guests from all angles. Another way to have guests mingling and enjoying themselves, they’ll be itching to take a photo to post on to their own insta-feed.

A Hashtag Printer

Of course, you’ve got to have a hashtag – that’s a given. But a hashtag printer? Now we’re talking. Designed to print off every single photo that is posted on Instagram or Twitter with your pre-defined hashtag. Whether the photos are taken at the event venue or you have your favourite influencer posting about the product launch they wish they at, every photo using your chosen hashtag will be printed. Attendees can then take home their photos as souvenirs which will probably lead to them reposting. This way, they’ll think of your product every time they see the photo – clever huh?

Party Props and Sculptures

We’re talking everything from giant inflatables, to ice sculptures and even bubble blowing products. Anything you can think of that will inject that little bit of fun into your product launch to make it an even more interactive experience for your guestlist. Better yet? Wow them with a topiary of your product, brand logo or something humorous and tie in your chosen themes together whilst making it socially shareable.

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