5 Themes To Spice Up Your Function:

Baroq House is all about coupling decadence with desire, so don’t be ashamed if your tastes are a little more…. specialised.

If you’re tired of the same old office function or black-tie affair, why not cause a stir with a themed function that’ll have everyone talking for years to come? Here are our top 5 Function Themes that are a little left of centre but 100% fabulous. 

James Bond: 

What better way to add sophistication to your event then to implement a sleek and sexy Bond theme. Whether you’re decking out the club with card décor a la “Casino Royale” or encouraging your guests to don their best golden gowns for a touch of “Goldfinger” Bond themed nights always add a little more class and pizzazz to and otherwise ordinary night. Make sure to tell the bartender to have all drinks shaken, not stirred. 


If anyone argues that this can’t possibly be a sexy affair, just show them a picture of Princess Leia from Return of the Jedi. Encourage your guests to embrace their inner nerd by dressing as a character from their favourite fandom. Popular choices would include Game of Thrones characters, Lord of the Rings and Star Trek. It’d also be interesting to see what fandoms inspire that workmate from the office who you rarely get to speak to. 

Period Piece: 

If your group is comprised of intellectual types who love a bit of Austen and Bronte, a period piece party could set tongues wagging.

Bustiers, bowlers, blazers and bustles should be on full display as everyone hides their demure smiles behind lace fans while sipping on fresh glasses on Pimm’s. An elegant nod to the innocence of yester years. 

Masquerade Ball:

Riding on the coat tails of the period piece party theme, a masquerade ball is a unique leitmotif that finds its roots in 17th century Venice. While your guests may not have to wear ancient ball gowns, disguising their faces will add an air of mystery to the night as they try to ascertain who is who. 

This party style is particularly lovely when partnered with glamourous interiors that sparkle.

Famous Faces

This is perhaps our favourite party style. Why? Because this is everyone’s chance to dress up as their favourite celebrity personality. Who doesn’t want to dress as their hero superman, or show they can be as glamourous as Gal Gadot. Dressing up is also a great ice breaker for those who are a bit more on the shy side, so be expecting an extremely social setting, alive with vibrant chatting and full confidence. 

These maybe our favourite party themes but there are plenty more than you can utilise to ensure your soiree is one to remember. While you’re managing your outfit, leave us in charge of the music, food, drinks and ambience so that you don’t have to.