5 must-have elements that make a great corporate party

Your corporate event – whether it’s a product launch, an appreciation occasion, or celebrating a company milestone – is a great way to give your organisation, clients, and team members the exposure and recognition they deserve. And who’s going to say no to that – after all, a party is a party, right?

However, for many, corporate events are synonymous with boring speeches, stiff suits and ties, and average food. Here’s how to avoid that stereotype and have all guests RSVP ‘yes’ to your corporate event. Disclaimer: You might need to do a little bit of PR work to convince them to come in the first place – and that’s on you.

Here’s our 5 must-have elements that make a corporate party unforgettable:

  1. Food: Cold canapes? For a corporate event? Ground-breaking. This time around, ditch the dull finger food and give your guests something different with a customised menu that is reflective of your company. Cater gorgeously presented, mouth-watering hot and cold canapes that are bursting with flavour – no food wastage here!
  2. Entertainment: Whether it’s fire breathers, a jazz band or stilt walkers, you want your corporate event to stand out from all the rest. And what better way to do this than to
    Of course, there’s nothing dull about going down the traditional route and getting a skilled DJ to play some of the crowd’s favourite classics as well as current top 40 hits.
  3. Venue: When choosing the perfect venue, you’ll need to take into consideration the size and location. You want somewhere that’s easily accessible to all guests – preferably in a central place, like Melbourne CBD – and there should be enough room to accommodate everyone comfortably. One big misjudgement that many companies make is they under-provide when it comes to seating. A great venue will have plenty of seats and tables for your guests – if not for the socialising, for eating and having somewhere to put down their glass.
  4. Decorations: You don’t have to go all out when it comes to decorating your chosen venue, but a few well-placed vases filled with flowers or a big bunch of balloons in the corners can do wonders to the space. One of the most popular décor items is a media wall, where guests can take their photo and share on social media (with your company logo imprinted on the front, of course!)
  5. Photographer: If there was no photo, did it even really happen? A professional photographer is the best way to relive your corporate event and have the social proof you need. Not only that, but all your guests will be sharing their memories on their social media accounts, which translates to free publicity for your company.

By having these elements at your corporate party, you’ll be sure to create a memorable event that will be the talk of the town long after the night is over. Looking for a premium venue to hold your next corporate event? Contact the team at Baroq House at info@baroqhouse.com.au to secure your date. We’re able to cater your function to any theme, preferences and dietary requirements.