5 eye-catching entertainment ideas for your next event

An event is only as good as its entertainment, and the crazier it is, the better your chances are of wowing guests. You want to get people on their toes, feeling excited and left anticipating what’s to come. Stuck for ideas? Cross off each item on our list below and we guarantee that your party will go up a notch or two.  

  1. Fire breathers

Bring the heat and impress your friends. What better way to kick things off than with an awesome fire breather? These flame-hungry individuals know more than a few tricks and will leave people totally exhilarated by the ensuing show. Feel free to invite a few fire twirlers too, just to keep everyone in line when it comes to queuing up out the front. There’ll be no shortage of fun moments and things to talk about after the event. Just remember, only buy these entertainers a drink once the heat has died down!  

  2. Exotic dancers

Get the crowd moving. Exotic dancers are one way to liven things up from the get-go and will create quite the scene, in a good way. Our tip is to choose a professional group that can fit in with the theme of your event. For an ancient Egyptian dress up party, look for a few talented belly dancers who can put on an amazing show. For a people-pleasing hen’s party, bring in some shirtless firemen to excite the girls and really get things going.   

    3. DJ’s

Rock the house with the right type of music. Every event needs to have a talented DJ pumping out the tunes, so definitely invest in someone who knows what they are doing. Again, think about the occasion and choose music that fits the bill. Whether it’s RnB, hip-hop, swing or anything in between, you guests won’t be able to resist heading to the dance floor when their favourite belter hits the decks.  

  4. Ice sculptures

Keep things cool with an ice sculpture that brings the decadence to your affair. These decorations act as a great centerpiece and will definitely attract admirers. Event managers are lucky these days because companies can craft pieces specifically for different events. It may be a carving of something special that speaks to the occasion or an ice bar complete with drink fountains. The possibilities are endless which is great news for anyone looking to ramp up the fun factor. 

  5. Live bands

Top things off with a live band and the whole event will be a complete success. There’s nothing quite like some in-person performers to ensure your guests have an incredible time and get them ready to shimmy and shake on the dance floor. Jazz bands are a great idea for the right type of event and will come dressed to impress, just like your wonderful guests.  

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