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The Baroq Story

The Woman

A finely attired minx enters the room, inately knowing her feminine wares are enhanced by the ornate surroundings. Her tender curves lean on the smooth marble surface, her task solely to quench the thirst that’s been building since she slipped on her slight costume for the evening, one that has been getting complimented and accentuated by her sashaying to the rhythm of the night, one that’s increasing the desire in the wandering gentleman’s eye.

With her potion requested and acquired, she purses her lips in anticipation, ready to savour the cold trickle of sweet nectar of the Gods, prepared by the angels behind the bar.

Knowing she holds the gaze and concentration of the omnipresent, she uses her guile to deflect and then to re-engage with her confidants with a knowing look, one to signify it’s now their turn to fascinate the fawning fellows.

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