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The Baroq Story

The Music

Whilst the days of taking their disciples on a vinyl voyage are figuratively gone, the DJ’s quests to make them shake their money maker are not. Their artillery has gone the way of the world… digital.

Where once these warriors carried cases and slews of 12 inch bombs ready to launch on the D-floor, their bravado hath now shrunk to acronymic MP3. But don’t be fooled into a false sense of delusion, for they still wield and command their beats, their bass lines, their melodies, their horns, and their geeetars as they ever have.

Baroq’s DJ’s are generals on the battlefield, not simply foot soldiers out of their depth, Baroq’s generals are masters of their domain ready for the battle, nay, for the victory of hip thrusts, body rolls, kicks, whips and turns of which when the night is through, you will look at them, saluting them in appreciation at their dominant display on the ones and twos.

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