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The Baroq Story

The Man

With a devilish grin, this conjurer of charm knows he’s up for an evening of frivolity.

He chose his cologne on the basis of its last reaction and reminisces on the bounty last attained, knowing he’s going to surpass it tonight, to raise the bar if you will. Fastening the clasp on his watch as he strolls toward the alley way, he knows now is the right time to get into character.

The subliminal response his footsteps make on the cobblestoned pathway leading up to the glorious entrance is evident. The entrance is now emitting a radiant pulsating heat, reminding him that nothing less than his A-game will suffice this evening, for his adversary tonight deserves the best he has to offer. He pauses at the entrance, as is his wont.

His lips motion a silent mantra, summoning the virility of all men, the wit of the beguiling and the debonair of Fred Astaire.

With a thrust and a movement of the hips he enters and gets into the swing of it, all replete with a smile that melts the first fair maiden that catches his eye, thus beginning his first enchantment of the night.

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