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Baroq Fridays

BAROQ HOUSE PRESENTS... Fridays. The late sessions from 9pm till 5am Nestled in a cobbled laneway between Melbourne Central and Q.V, Baroq house is sculpting Melbourne’s nightlife into shape with its novel approach to presentation and service. It is Melbournes most luxurious mansion-style bar and lounge, offering a extravagant yet intimate space over two levels. Baroq House treats patrons like royalty….everytime Defiantly the hot, sophisticated older sister of the group-from a design point, she’s flirtatious, glamorous and has an extremely well-groomed 'A' list perception. Baroq’s marketing strengths draw on its rich Baroq Period design- so its been quite easy to attract a well heeled corporate crowd mid week and a champagne quaffing fashion crowd on the weekends. Its easy to assume the venues design is its main attraction to the style of crowd, but the truth is, securing the right crowd from the word go has been our secret to retaining a good image. When you have a vision for a particular style of crowd, music and experience, you need to stick to your guns and not sell yourself short. Its been this committed philosophy that has allowed Baroq to thrive as a elitist venue. Love it or hate it- its unmistakably, very sexy Check out how we represent Baroq house every Fridays from 9pm For guest lists email or contact one of our hosts.

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